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A second pair of eyes can help any sized work. We are writers who understand how important your work is 

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Our page was built on an understanding of the struggle – come share your struggle with  with us

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Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve more! Resumes and Cover letters are only a part of how we can help you reach career success


It’s not just a Daee Dream if you make it your life!

This business exists to serve as a platform for the creative, misunderstood, artists of all varieties. Your ideas are great, and we would be honored to help you achieve those dreams no matter what they are!

Stay strong starving artists, we’re right there with you!

All of Daee dreamz services are tailored to the inventors, original-thinkers and people who never put their imagination down for adulthood.

We would rather learn and promote than make a quick buck. This one-person show is run by a single mother who has had her share of difficulty. We opperate on the motto: “If you succeed – we all succeed”

We do not turn down anyone in need of career services based on a person’s inability to pay. We also offer any educational services on the same basis. We are dedicated supporters of small businesses, artists and authors so if you want some marketing space in our comfy pages; it is always no charge to you!

Come check out what we can do for you! Show some love to the amazing people promoted within the pages. Send us an email to have you promoted or share a story. We look forward to hearing from you!


We provide creative solutions!

Don’t quit your Daee Dreamz! We are here to help you succeed

Small Businesses 

More than just promotion; we offer all sorts of services. We are a small business standing with you. We understand the struggle and we even accept barter of services as payment

Educational Services

Students of life or any accredited institution – we know how hard you work but sometimes you need a little help. Come see us and we can work through it together. We are huge supporters of education and want to make sure everyone has fair access to improving knowledge 


It takes a village to raise a child, come join other like-minded artists and grow together

Latest from our promotional Pieces 


A place for ideas, Authors, Artists and the original thinkers

Errin Stevens, Authorpreneur

I am happy to promote Errin Stevens, who contacted me when I first started the new promotion and I am glad to have had this opportunity to learn about her.[…]

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Panda Pixels!

In this artist / Small Business spotlight we have a cute contender! Adorable contemporary arts that you can take with you and wear as a fashion statement On her facebook[…]

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Some Science Behind ‘The Zombie Epidemic’: Its not all science fiction

News Flash! Zombies!! Quick – try to pretend you aren’t excited! Latest news: Zombies are Popular The word Zombie evokes many different ideas and fears. Most picture a mindless, animated[…]

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